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Tui Na Massage We Offer

Tui na, also called Chinese medical massage, is a traditional hands-on manipulation treatment method guided by TCM theory. Through manual manipulations, tui na is used widely to treat various diseases, including not only musculoskeletal disorders, but also diseases of internal organs. All branches of TCM view the body as an integrated whole (this, holistic medicine), and the theories of Yin and Yang, five element, and meridian/channel all embrace this basic concept. By restoring balance, Tui-na supports the body's natural functions to combat excess or deficient conditions as needed. It helps keep Qi and blood moving freely, strengthens tendons, ligaments and muscles, promotes normal function, and eliminates fatigue.

Five Benefits of Tui Na:

  • Complete System of Medicine: Tui Na is one of the three main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. It is thought to be the oldest system of bodywork that is still practiced today! As mentioned above, it can treat specific issues and injuries, or just the overall energy flow, qi, of the body.
  • Acupuncture Principles: The same 12 points on the body that are manipulated in acupuncture through the use of needles, are also manipulated in Tui Na. The difference is, Tui Na uses manual manipulation.
  • Add Acupuncture: Since both acupuncture and Tui Na use the same principles of TCM, they can be used in conjunction to restore optimal energy flow to the body.
  • Relief from Disorders: Tui Na is particularly effective for conditions involving muscles, tendons and joints, such as structural misalignment, orthopedic problems and sports injuries. It can also be used to treat internal diseases. Some of these internal diseases include migraines, IBS, headaches, insomnia, PMS, digestive, respiratory and reproductive issues.
  • Very Versatile: Tui Na can be used with other forms of Chinese Medicine, as well as more traditional massages such as myofascial release, and deep-tissue/nueromuscular, both of which we offer here at the spa.

The best on offer

30 min


60 min


Hot Stone Massage (Minimum 60 Minutes)

Extra £10

Four-handed Massage (Minimum 60 Minutes)


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Forelocks, 5 Mt Oliphant Cres, Ayr, Scotland, KA7 3EN
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